Big Meets Small:

A New Era Emerges

2016 MIT Energy Conference
March 4-5, 2016
Cambridge Mariott, Cambridge Massachusetts

More changes have occurred in the global energy sector in the past decade than in the 100 years prior. This year’s MIT Energy Conference main theme is centered on the interconnection between activities, technologies, and geographies, discussing the idea that small, distributed impacts can generate big, long-lasting solutions. “Big Meets Small" is about taking a more holistic approach: understanding the disruption that is happening across the energy value chain and how infrastructure developments, technology improvements, and market changes, both big and small, have a place in the puzzle.

In particular, the Conference will discuss the promise of distributed technologies at scale, new market structures shifting the power dynamics between large and small energy players, new financing models enabling unprecedented levels of involvement in energy investment, and local policies seeking to halt the global impacts of climate change.

In its 11th edition, the MIT Energy Conference invites you to join in the conversation at the systems-level: we will bring together leaders and visionaries from industry, government, the scientific community, and the private sector that are looking at today’s complex interactions, which are redefining the future of energy worldwide.

Please join us for what is sure to be an exceptional and thought-provoking two days.

We hope to see you there!

2016 MITEC Organizing Team